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Whispir platform now used by 22 government agencies for COVID-19 communications

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Whispir is now being used by 22 Australian government departments or statutory bodies for COVID-19 communications.

Whispir CEO Jeromy Wells said, “As the pandemic evolves, the ability to trace and respond to outbreak clusters in a coordinated way becomes critical. Many statutory bodies and government departments, both State and Federal, are now using Whispir’s communications workflow capability. The Whispir platform provides interactive multi-channel communications so information can be more efficiently coordinated with other agencies, creating audit trails in real time.”

The 22 government departments and agencies include police services in four jurisdictions, ambulance services in three jurisdictions, Queensland Corrective Services, Victoria Department of Health and Human Services and Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads.

Uses include secure, interactive two-way messages and real-time updates to sufferers and those who have been in the close contact with someone with COVID-19, daily communications with those in self-isolation, updates on current health and/or interactions with hospitals, GPs or testing facilities, auditing interactions for those in quarantine, and real-time geography-based communications to people in the vicinity of spot outbreaks. 

“A secure, auditable communications platform ensures organisations remain compliant with statutory obligations for management of privacy data, which will increasingly be aggregated over time. As the pandemic evolves, organisations will be providing and coordinating reports on interactions for coordinated contact traceability – and often these reports will be required quickly. 

“During a crisis, organisations must know if the relevant person has actually consumed the intended content, rather than just whether their device received it. Whispir provides two-way communications with the right people, at the right time via the right channel - whether that is video, SMS, mobile-web apps like Messenger and WhatsApp, voice or email.

“The use by Australian government departments and statutory bodies of more engaging video, mobile web-app capability to capture, monitor and triage responses and insights from the field in real time and at scale allows for better contact traceability, coordination and decision making.

“Our platform is providing a critical solution for these organisations. It is easy to use, integrates with their existing systems and can be implemented quickly without IT support.”

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