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Bulk SMS service going away? Upgrade to Whispir

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Jan 19, 2022
3 min read

Keep business running smoothly with our omnichannel communication platform

This year, Zipwhip, the professional text message provider, is shuttering its digital doors. And Twilio, the new parent company, has no plans to replace the SMS platform. But for those looking for a fast Twilio alternative, don’t worry, we have the perfect solution to help you continue your business text messaging, plus more.

As a company dedicated to helping businesses connect on a deeper, more rewarding level with their customers, Whispir wants to ensure you’re not left without a paddle. After all, as a small business, there’s no time to manually contact customers or settle for a lesser Twilio/Zipwhip alternative.

But enough talk. See how Whispir stacks up against Twilio’s communication APIs. You can also see how we're more than just a Zipwhip replacement right here.


Platform usability


Twilio is designed for developers. You’ll need a deep technical understanding of APIs, binds, trunking, and more, or bring on in-house developers. This can be incredibly costly, especially for teams without the bandwidth or budget.


Whispir is a no-code platform designed with the end-user in mind. Our drag-and-drop capabilities allow you to easily build unique messages custom to your brand or audience, set automatic workflows that intelligently engage recipients, or utilize one of our many preset templates to send messages quickly and professionally with very little effort.




Twilio’s messaging rates can be a bit confusing depending on the carrier being used and what type of number it is. There are also additional fees and a number of stipulations.


Whispir plans are built with SMBs in mind. Which means, we can flex to the type of messaging that makes sense for you and your business goals. 

For as little as $29 USD per month, Whispir gives you SMS software PLUS so much more.

Choose what tier works best for you:

Starter – $29/month

Growth – $149/month plus all Starter benefits

Accelerator – $499/month plus Starter and Growth benefits

Enterprise – Contact us to learn more




·  Twilio runs operations remotely and there is not always a presence in every area they work

·  Twilio’s message scheduling is only in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)

·  Twilio’s documentation doesn’t always keep up with its current functionality


·  Whispir has a local customer service number in all countries where we have offices

·  Whispir supports 60+ different time zones to ensure messaging is more likely to be read and actioned on

·  Whispir offers ongoing account management and solutions architecture services to maximize value




Twilio is certified under ISO/IEC 27001 and supports TLS 1.2 encryption.


Whispir is also an ISO27001 certified organization. We use secure links that require 2FA authentication and offer both cloud and non-cloud encryption stores. We’re also proud of our Tier 2 Assessment on the CyberGRX Exchange, which is available upon request.

Additionally, Whispir is independently audited by the British Standards Institute (BSI) and our data security policies and practices reflect industry best practices. Whispir provides physical and application-level security controls allowing you to manage who has access to your data.

And that’s just a start. With a wide range of advanced features, Whispir is much more than an SMS messaging platform.

While the loss of Zipwhip may be forcing you to search for the best Twilio alternative for your bulk SMS efforts, it’s also the perfect opportunity to scale up your entire communication strategy. From SMS messages to email to voice messaging, WhatsApp, text-to-speech, automated workflows, and smart reporting, Whispir’s communication channels are designed to help SMBs work at an enterprise level without breaking the bank.

Zipwhip will be gone before you know it. Try Whispir for free with a 14-day trial.

Still have questions? See how Whispir does more than just replace Zipwhip by upgrading your messaging capabilities.

If you’re already looking to make a switch, don’t hesitate to chat with our sales team:

·  United States +1 720 310 3167

·  Australia +61 3 8630 9900

·  Southeast Asia +65 6816 0366

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