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Case Study

How an online fundraising platform connects causes with communities

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There are so many people within the community that want to support good causes, but sometimes linking the two groups can be a challenge. Understanding the powerful impact that fundraising can have on not-for-profits, this Australian online fundraising platform aims to make a difference. 

By providing digital solutions and tools to not-for-profits and charities, they remove many of the pain points around obtaining funds. They also make it easy for individuals to find and support causes that align with their values. 

Just some of the digital tools they offer include:

  • Access to an online fundraising platform

  • A website plug-in that makes it easier for people to donate

  • QR codes that, once scanned, direct individuals to donate 

The challenge

  1. A secure way to send SMS

    One of the standout offerings from this fundraising platform is their SMS tool. This solution allows people to donate simply by sending a text message. 

    SMS taps into an incredibly frictionless experience; more than 90% of Australians own a mobile phone, and around 85 million text messages are sent every day across the nation. Being such a powerful tool for connecting people with worthy causes, the online fundraising platform knew they needed a safe, secure, and reliable SMS gateway.

    Ideally, they needed something that could handle high volumes of text messages, and provide a seamless experience to make it as easy as possible for people to make a donation.

The solutions

Whispir is a leading multi-channel communications platform designed to help not-for-profits widen their impact and reach, no technical skills needed. Our solution for this online fundraising platform included:

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    Automated two-way SMS

    When a charity signs up with the online fundraising platform, they are given a unique keyword. Then, when individuals text in this unique keyword, the Whispir platform automatically recognises it and sends back a text message with a link to donate.

    This powerful and instant automation ensures that people can donate straight away, reducing the usual friction points that occur between first capturing a donor’s attention and them completing a donation. 

  • Happy young colleagues at laptop

    Link generation for direct donations

    People who text in receive a unique link, which takes them directly to a webpage where they can make their donation. Creating this direct link makes it easier for people to make their donation, removing one of the main pain points in raising funds.

  • Young person checking messages on phone

    Smart reporting for smart decisions

    Because all elements of sending, receiving, and managing these SMS messages are handled within Whispir, it’s easy for the online fundraising platform to get a comprehensive view over everything. Whispir offers intelligent reporting tools – including data on when a message has been received, viewed, and actioned. 

    Better reporting tools make for better communications. By analysing engagement levels on text messages, the online fundraising platform can continue to strengthen their communications and broaden their impact within the community even further.

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The result

  1. Icon of puzzle pieces fitting together

    A better way to donate

    The online fundraising platform aims to connect good causes with the great people who want to support them. Their text-in service provides a simple but impactful way for charities and not-for-profits to gather more support, and also makes it easy for people to donate to causes they believe in.

    Whispir is proud to be able to help facilitate this connection between community and cause through our intelligent and automated SMS capabilities.

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