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4 Oct 2018
2 min read
Close up of a man's wrist and a digital watch

Tech stocks may not have had a particularly good start to the week, but it’s been a rather interesting time for mobile and communications.

Here's a round up of the technology news that caught our eye this week.  

IDC reported that the wearables market has continued its rapid rise in the first quarter of 2017, with companies shipping a total of 24.7 million wearable devices. Unsurprisingly, Xiaomi and Apple are leading the pack. Our friends at ChannelLife have more information. Some good news for Europe; mobile roaming charges in the EU have been abolished as new European Union law came into force this week. Calls, texts and data will be charged at the same price as they would be at home for EU citizens travelling elsewhere in the EU. So now everyone can gloat about their fabulous holidays on social media without getting slapped with an enormous bill. In the battle of the continents, Ericsson is tipping APAC to beat Europe in 5G mobile subscriptions. As ZDNet reports, Ericsson predicts there will be 500 million 5G mobile subscriptions in 2022, with 10 percent of mobile subscribers in APAC and 25 percent in North America to be across 5G networks by then. Morgan Stanley is taking to tech to increase engagement with its wealthier clients. Part of the strategy includes partnering with Twilio to send text messages to its financial adviser clients about their portfolios and current events.That’s all from us at Whispir this week. Now I’m off to book a quick jaunt to Europe…

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