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Case Study

Helping DonateDirect deliver more goodwill with Whispir

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“Surely someone in need could use this?”

That’s the question that usually sparks people across Melbourne finding DonateDirect.

DonateDirect partners with dozens of charities to connect home essentials, such as furniture and electrical goods, directly with those in need.

When items become available, DonateDirect notifies the right people, then sends frontline support workers to collect the donated goods and put them into the hands of marginalised people in immediate need, as well as those experiencing crisis.

The challenge

  1. Out-of-date resources

    One of DonateDirect’s challenges was keeping their database up-to-date online. The volume of enquiries, turnover of staff, and lack of easy-to-use technology made it very hard for DonateDirect to keep things up-to-date.

    Whispir for Impact got in touch through our internship program. After learning about these manual processes, we started working with DonateDirect under our pro-bono volunteering program. 

The solutions

  • Donations being collected in containers

    Communication through integration

    Whispir’s platform is API-friendly. With integrations, we have built a solution that connects enquiries into a no-code database. DonateDirect can now use Whispir to coordinate responses to and from the database.

  • Woman looking at Donate Direct SMS message

    Creating a mobile solution

    The prototype solution implemented enables communications to be done far more quickly, cleanly, and via mobile – a device where frontline support workers spend most of their time.

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Being a small volunteer-run organisation – we simply haven’t been able to invest in, or take the time to investigate technology solutions that can help DonateDirect’s mission. By working with Whispir, we’ve been able to accelerate what can be done. We’re working together to convert manual processes into automated operations that are faster, help the team, and most importantly – help connect donated goods to those in need.”
- Rachel Samuel, Founder and CEO, DonateDirect Australia
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The result

  1. Blue customer engagement group of people icon

    Opening more doors for volunteers

    These sorts of initiatives are done through openness, empathy, and partnership. Whispir will continue working with DonateDirect to validate the solution and help onboard its volunteers. Work like this becomes possible through Whispir’s volunteer initiatives, and a willingness to collaborate with talented and spirited founders, like Rachel, at DonateDirect. 

    To learn more about the great work they do, visit the DonateDirect website.

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