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Whispir • Vonage

Whispir is a Vonage Partner

The Whispir platform allows users to quickly create communication applications and deploy them via Vonage.

Whispir & Vonage in action

Instead of building from scratch, users can create, deploy, and maintain their communication apps – much like a UI – all in one place. That’s why Vonage also trusts Whispir to provide powerful and innovative communication workflows. Workflows by Whispir deliver all the tools needed to design and deploy a wide range of communications securely, as Vonage takes over to deliver those SMS and Voice messages reliably anywhere in the world.

Key features

  • Click to build

    For the first time, turn your creativity into code faster with Whispir Workflows. Visually represent and translate business processes into automated, personalized communication experiences at scale.

  • No coding skills required

    Our new visual workspace empowers you to create and manage communication experiences yourself; whatever your process and intended outcome. Save time and money by solving common communication problems with turn-key solutions.

  • Create personalized journeys

    Take your communication possibilities to the next level with multi-channel communication options, while connecting touchpoints easily and making your engagement soar.

  • Context matters

    Whispir gives you the freedom to create something completely new. We’ve implemented meaningful block visuals on the workflow canvas, so your team can easily see and manage different branches of communication automation from a bird’s eye view.

  • Global reach

    Workflows by Whispir uses Vonage's proprietary global compliance engine to automatically adhere to constantly shifting, country-specific regulations and individual carrier policies, removing the complexity of global carriers and regulations.

  • Reliable deliverability

    Workflows by Whispir uses Vonage’s outbound network for SMS connecting you directly with major carrier networks all over the world. This means your messages reach their destination with fewer carrier hops, resulting in shorter delivery times and minimized delays.

Whispir x Vonage in use

See how easy Whispir makes it

Whispir empowers people to interact through a number of preferred mediums, whether that's SMS, voice, email, video, or social media messaging. Whispir also leverages Vonage's Live Video API to enable companies to build interactive video experiences for their end-users.

  • Connect

    Send compelling and useful interactions to your audience by text, voice, email, push, social and web notifications instantly through the Whispir platform.

  • Create

    Use simple drag and drop tools to create studio-quality content in minutes without any coding required. Craft appointment reminders, SMS surveys, internal notices, and more.

  • Automate

    Break down complex interactions into simple scenario-based triggers that make end-to-end solution workflows. Organize events, engage with customers, and manage business communications.

  • Report

    Understand your audience and make data-driven decisions that save time and money with our intuitive reporting features.

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