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Popular applications - Small business

Helping small businesses get their message out via meaningful communications

Delight your customers with better experiences, delivered through Whispir’s communication platform designed for small businesses.

SMS messages, emails & more for small businesses

The ideal way to foster genuine connections and build trust with customers is to engage with them on the channels they prefer. Send text messages, emails, and more using one centralized, easy-to-manage communications platform, and achieve engagement like never before.

Personalization ensures you maintain the personal touch your customers know and love you for, while intuitive automation gives you back more time to do what you do best. Whispir is the ultimate solution for small businesses wanting to connect with customers in new and impactful ways.

Key features

  • Customer engagement

    • Two-way messaging

    • Personalized communications

    • Ready-to-use branded templates

  • Internal communications

    • Shift notifications and scheduling

    • Internal memos

    • Worker check-ins

  • Customer service

    • Feedback and customer surveys

    • Incident reporting

    • Call center deflection

  • Operational processes

    • Capacity planning

    • Shift planning

    • COVID-19 safety and compliance management

I chose Whispir because it was easy to use, trusted in the industry and had both SMS and email automation to reach my clients and team.
- Derek Merdinyan, Founder, Video Igniter
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